PPM Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment – Update

PPM is committed to the development of people and creating an empowered environment where the God given potential of each and every person can be realised.
One of PPM’s founding principles is that we: Use the organisation to build people rather than use people to build the organisation.
PPM is fully committed to, and supportive of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) as embodied in the Codes of Practice and the Scorecard published by the Department of Trade and Industry.
As a relatively young company PPM was formally accredited for the first time last year based on the 2009 audited financial statement and a level 8 accreditation was achieved.
The process for the annual re-accreditation has been initiated based on the 2010 audited financial statements. An internal assessment supported by an appointed consultant indicates that we will improve our accreditation up 2 levels to level 6.
An internal committee chaired by an Executive Director meets monthly to set targets and review progress against the various domains of the BBBEE Scorecard.
Currently the scores in the defined domains of the Scorecard are as follows:

  • Employment Equity 35%;
  • Skills Development 45%;
  • Preferential Procurement 97%;
  • Enterprise Development 70%;
  • Socio-economic Development 97%.

For further information please contact Dave Porter on dave.p@ppmprojects.co.za