Memories of Madiba

PPMers were given Tuesday 10 December 2013 off so that they could have the opportunity to participate in Madiba’s memorial service to commemorate his life and passing, whether this was by attending the memorial at FNB, one of the memorial parks, watching the SABC live broadcast or in any other way which would be meaningful to them.

Some captured the spirit of the day in pictures.

Photo by Pule Seane

An early start at the Rea Vaya Station in anticipation of the upcoming memorial

Photo by Pule Seane

The South African flag was the clothing item of choice

Photo by Pule Seane

The steady drizzle didn’t dampen the spirit outside FNB stadium

Photo by Pule Seane

Mourners gradually making their way into the stadium

Photo by Pule Seane

The Rainbow Nation, united in honouring Madiba

Photo by Pule Seane

United States President Barak Obama giving a moving tribute

Photo by Pule Seane

The arrival of the SANDF band

Photo by Pule Seane

In the African Tradition rain is a sign of blessing and Madiba’s funeral was indeed blessed.

Photo by Ashly Main

Attending the memorial service in Germistion (and getting very wet)



Support for Santa Shoebox Project 2013

A group of PPMers decided to participate in the Santa Shoe Box project this year. It is  an initiative of the Kidz2Kidz Trust (IT2671/2009, PBO930031301, Section 18A, NPO 102-098) that co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalized gifts at Christmas time to underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia.

Santa Shoebox drop off venue

Santa Shoebox drop off venue

Thanks to generous donations from PPMers we were able to pledge, fill and deliver six boxes. Each box contains the essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, soap and an outfit of clothing) but also includes educational supplies, sweets and a special gift or toy.

Shoebox gifts

Shoebox gifts

It is an amazing feeling to know that these kids will be receiving something special that was picked out for them with love.

The boxes were dropped of early on Friday morning 25 October at the Jhb-East drop-off centre in Isando. This drop-off centre was expecting delivery of 12 000 boxes over the course of 3 days.

Special thanks to Ursula who helped pick out clothes and to Alex for the heavy lifting at the drop-off.

Nelson Mandela Day – 18 July 2013

To celebrate Madiba’s birthday, a number of PPM individuals contributed towards grocery packages for needy families in Dukuthole, a settlement in Germiston. These families were identified by the NGO Home Start – these ladies do a wonderful job of providing emotional and physical support in Dukuthole and we salute them for their selflessness.


The families were notified by Home Start to come and collect our food parcels at a school in the area and we (not all of the PPM’ers could make it, but many contributed) spent a few hours meeting the families at this point and also spent some time in the settlement taking parcels to those who weren’t able to come to the meeting point.


It was both heart warming and heart wrenching to spend time within the community, visiting a few homes and a crèche. creche

So many people make do with so little and still manage to be incredibly kind, positive and generous.  We were humbled by our experience and so glad to have spent time honouring our beloved and iconic Madiba on his 95th Birthday in this way.


A HUGE thank you to the PPM’ers who contributed and enabled us to make this contribution (I am so proud to be part of the PPM family) as well as to the ladies from Home Start for enabling us to do this at such short notice and for the Dukuthole community for welcoming us. MandelaDayTag