Level 3 BBBEE Rating

PPM is excited and proud to announce that it has achieved a BBBEE Level 3 rating (based on the 2015 audited financials). This is a dramatic increase from our previous Level 6 rating that provides an immediate and considerable benefit to our South African clients.

Our commitment to BBBEE and our passion for National Development runs far deeper than a pursuit of points and levels. Our spending on (and involvement in) Socio Economic and Enterprise Development initiatives has consistently exceeded that required of a company our size and continuous effort goes into ensuring that the services we source meet Preferential Procurement standards.

A dedicated and passionate internal committee meets regularly to review our progress on BBBEE and Employment Equity related issues as well as to identify opportunities for development in the communities with which we are involved.

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National Bandana Day 2015

PPM supported the Sunflower Foundation by purchasing and wearing bandanas in aid of the Foundation’s fundraiser, National Bandana Day and to show solidarity with those fighting leukaemia.

The Sunflower Foundation was formed in 1999 with an idea to increase the number of bone marrow stem cell donors in South Africa; donors who can save the lives of those suffering from life threatening blood disorders.

Thank you PPM employees, you are all AWESOME!

Bandana 2015